segunda-feira, 19 de outubro de 2020

Fabulah - Fabulah (2020)...

Primeiro álbum da banda piauiense Fabulah. O trabalho homônimo tem 6 faixas que passeiam pela música regional, mpb e pop...


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  1. This is fantastic! Really excellent! Beautiful baroque psych folk! I can't find anything about the band on the web! Does Piauiense mean they are from Sao Paulo?

  2. Ah. thank you. sorry for my ignorance about the geography of your beautiful country! Did you know the motto of the State of Piauí? 'Wounded and undaunted amid the ruins'(Thank you Wiki) Any further information about banda piauiense Fabulah would be appreciated! Peace from NJ, USA!

    1. Hello, my name is Gabriel Medeiros I am a composer and I do the voice and guitar in the band Fábulah. My Instagram is @gabrielgrauna. This project is a partnership with my friend Samuel Brandão (instagram @samucapta) who is a composer and flutist of the band. I was very happy with your comment about our sound. At the moment the band is without many activities but you can contact me on instagram if you are interested to know more. A big hug!

    2. Relax man, I´m no nothing about USA states.


      Glad You Like!